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Need to write up a paragraph here about equine encounters, that you are doing it and what your safety measures are/why you believe it to be safe

Equine Encounters classes are non-riding classes that help encourage the development of life skills such as effective communication, resiliency in anxiety-provoking situations, and building healthy relationships. During these lessons, participants are provided opportunities to develop a dynamic partnership with a horse by performing various activities including grooming, leading, and moving the horse in all directions with light pressure.  It is truly a magical experience for those who attend with an open heart and mind. 

<*Question – do we need/want to call out the differences between the two in this issue or wait till later?>

  • EAL – involves an Equine Specialist, a horse and a participant and includes a variety of activities intended to help the participant learn more about healthy relationship and leadership skills.

  • EFP – In addition to the above, these classes also include a licensed therapist for participants who want to dive a little deeper into some of their life challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief, domestic violence and trauma, to name a few.

<Note – I’d love to come up with other names for these two modalities.  I’m working on that with a couple of people so for now EAL/EFP can be placeholders and I can swap them out after we come up with something better.>

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