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 “No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” 
– Author Unknown

Volunteers are a vital part of our program offerings. Many participants need up to three volunteers to ensure their safety and learning experience. We have a variety of needs that directly involve class time as well as other volunteer opportunities. 


Becoming a volunteer and scheduling is easy!! There is a one-time form to complete HERE, and release forms to be signed and returned are HERE. 

Class Volunteers include:


  • Horse Leads should be 16+ years old and have 3+ years horse experience.

  • Side Walkers should be 12+ years old and do not need any horse experience.

  • General Volunteers are our extra set of hands and will be asked to help in a variety of ways during the class


Other volunteer opportunities:


  • Do you have a specific business/professional skill that you’re willing to share?

  • Would you like to be a member of a committee like fundraising, marketing or event planning?


Several times during the year we plan to host events which will serve two purposes. 

  • First events will expand awareness of the programs offered allowing others to benefit from the services.

  • Second these events will be fundraising activities to help support and expand the mission of Courageous Connections 

A quick and easy way you can 'Get Involved' is by helping us spread the word! 

Step 1: Please follow us on Social Media (links below).

Step 2: Once following consider extending the invitation to your FB & Instagram friends.

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Sensational Seniors

Our Sensational Seniors program has dual purposes:  

  • First, is to provide seniors with an opportunity to interact with our unique young participants as volunteers.  Today many young people are not able to enjoy the benefit of grandparents. We believe this cross-generational learning and perspective is hugely beneficial not only to those directly involved but also to those who are fortunate enough to observe.

  • Second, is to offer an opportunity for seniors to take part as a participant. Perhaps trying something completely new and gaining insight, confidence and energy through interaction with the horses and the great outdoors.

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