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Message from our President

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Message from our President - September 2021

 - Fall is in the Air -

Kathy with Equine Encounters participant interacting with brown horse.
Kathy with Equine Encounters participant interacting with brown andwhite horse.
Kathy standing in the field.

As summer comes to a close and we approach the start of Fall, the change of seasons seems like a perfect time to take a moment to recognize all of the people and resources that have crossed our path in the last few months.  With that in mind, we held our first ever 'Appreciation Day' event on August 29th and we certainly have a lot to appreciate!  It was a beautiful day and included many of our wonderful participants, volunteers, donors and staff members.  Without this amazing collection of people, there wouldn't be a Courageous Connections! In addition to each of the individuals who have participated in Courageous Connections there have been several other noteworthy accomplishments: 
1. We are financially strong thanks to the support of our donors and grantors.
2. Our newly formed partnership with Help Our Mini Equines (HOME) is growing strong and we are about to expand our herd with the addition of two leased, miniature horses, Delilah and Odie. 
3. We were recently awarded a contract with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).  If this is something that might benefit you or your family, please contact us
4. We’ve added three PATH Certified Instructors, Natalie, Leah and Carla and one Mental Health Professional, Molly to our staff and we are well positioned to grow.
Such incredible progress on the heels of COVID!
The success stories resulting from our Equine Encounters programs continue to multiply and we couldn't be more thrilled.  As an organization we have so much heart and passion for helping people navigate their way through the emotional and behavioral challenges that seem to be running rampant during these difficult times.  Based on this increasing need for support we've decided to focus all of our energies on our unmounted programs and to sunset our riding program.  To read more about our programs please see details below.  

Please help us by sharing with your friends and neighbors that we are here and available to provide equine services.

With Gratitude and Grace,