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Message from our President

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Message from our President - July 2021

 - Things Have A Way of Working Out -

Kathy with Equine Encounters participant interacting with brown horse.
Kathy with Equine Encounters participant interacting with brown andwhite horse.

Things have a way of working out when we let them…

This saying has been one of my personal favorites for a very long time and has proven itself to be true repeatedly throughout our Courageous Connections journey!  Since the beginning of Courageous Connections, people, circumstances and even horses have shown up when we really need them!  Our recent discovery and subsequent partnership with H.O.M.E (Help our Miniature Equines) is yet another shining example of a need/hope/want coming to fruition!  


We decided last year that our program and participants would greatly benefit from the addition of miniature horses. Minis are wonderful for many reasons but the two that stood out to us in particular were:


  1. Sometimes people who love animals and horses find the size of a horse a bit overwhelming. Minis bridge that gap beautifully by giving people an opportunity to interact with an equine partner.

  2. Part of our mission has always been to be of benefit to our seniors.  With the addition of minis, we can go to visit local senior centers and give their residents a hands-on experience with these small horses.

Then HOME crossed our path.  We were actively searching to expand our instructor staff and Jessica Connolly was one of the people we contacted.  She reached out to us to learn more about what we do and through that initial discussion we learned she was on the Board of HOME, a rescue for miniature horses!!  HOME locates groups of minis that are headed to slaughter and negotiates terms to buy groups of them to save them from their heartbreaking circumstances.  Once the minis arrive at HOME the rehabilitation process begins.  They are usually sick when they arrive and are essentially wild. It takes many hours of work and dedication to bring these animals back to health physically and emotionally. After they are nursed back to health, HOME finds each of them their forever home! It is truly heartwarming to see the transformation that happens from the sad creatures they are when they arrive, to the thriving, friendly animals they are when they leave.

How does this relate to
Courageous Connections?  HOME turned out to be the perfect answer to our need for miniature horses! We were trying to figure out where we could find minis to buy and where we would keep them once we did.  Fast forward to now, Jessica has joined our team, which that in and of itself has been such a gift!  In addition to that we have established a partnership with HOME and now conduct classes at their facility with their beloved minis!  We could not have asked or envisioned a more ideal solution!  To say we are ‘grateful’ is an understatement!

Check out the great work HOME does HERE and follow us on Facebook to see pictures of our participants with these adorable minis.


With Gratitude and Grace,