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Message from our President

Wood Panel

Message from our President - April 2021

"What do you guys do if your participants don't ride?"


Hello to you from Courageous Connections!  After a long and wet winter, we are all finally starting to see and feel the onset of spring!  We are very grateful to say that our Equine Encounters program has been growing strong ever since we were able to resume classes back in September.  I wanted to take a minute to explain what this program is and does since a frequent question we are asked is ‘what do you guys do if your participants don’t ride?’.  


Throughout history, there has been scientific (and of course anecdotal) evidence to support the belief that horses have an almost magical effect on humans.  It isn’t really surprising when you consider the fact that horses can hear a human heartbeat from four feet away.  A human’s heartbeat will actually sync to the gentle, easy rhythm of a resting horse’s heartbeat.  All just by being NEAR a horse!  The emotional and mental health benefits are profound when people interact directly with a horse.  Each Equine Encounters participant performs a series of exercises with a horse (from the ground) that promotes a life skill they wish to cultivate.    Examples include; self-regulating emotions, increase confidence and self-esteem, promote healthy personal boundaries and relieve anxiety.   


The results are amazing! Here is some feedback we’ve received from our participants:

  • There is so much power in the self-discovery you can gain from this experience and from interaction with the horses

  • The horses have a way of bringing things out of us that we may minimize or may not even know exists.

  • The time with him really forced me to calm my thoughts and truly just focus on my breathing and the moment. What I loved most about my time with Courageous Connections was the feeling of doing something brave and new.


We couldn’t be more happy or proud of the personal growth our horses bring out in people and love that we get to share it in a bigger and broader way as our program grows!
With Gratitude and Grace,