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As Seen

Through Horses


Through Horses

3-10, 2022


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Horses have been incorporated into various human health and wellness services for many years, however involving horses within the context of mental health is relatively new. Horses can make a big difference for the mental health challenges so many people face and help them heal in a safe and powerful way. At Courageous Connections, it is our mission to promote the physical and emotional development of people of all ages and unique abilities through safe, therapeutic, outdoor experiences with horses. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our participation in the

Seen Through Horses Campaign, 2022!

Seen Through Horses is a peer-to-peer campaign convening individuals, mental health professionals, celebrities, and influencers to help increase awareness, public engagement, and raise funds. Courageous Connections is among 50 nonprofit organizations working to improve access to programs incorporating horses into mental health and personal growth. This collaborative campaign coincides with Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day, running October 3-10, 2022.

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We encourage you to join this initiative by choosing Courageous Connections to support before and during the campaign, October 3rd-10th, 2022 by becoming a fundraising participant or making a one- time donation

To learn more about how Seen Through Horses is showcasing the incredible impact horses have on mental health, visit

In addition to Title Sponsorship from Zoetis and Premier Sponsorships from Horses for Mental Health, Equine Network and Arenas for Change (ARCH), Seen Through Horses has secured Premier Partnerships with the American Horse Council, Horses & Humans Research Foundation, Natural Lifemanship, PATH International, Temple Grandin Equine Center at Colorado State University, Polyvagal Equine Institute and The HERD Institute.


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