Healing, learning & growing through experiences with horses

Equine Encounters

These sessions involve a dynamic partnership between the participant, the horse, and an equine specialist.  Equine Encounters is not a riding or horsemanship class, but instead a safe place for the participant to experience personal growth and self-discovery. Equine Encounters provides a nontraditional and effective method to help participants to observe and develop effective relationship skills. The focus is on interacting with horses and learning to interpret feedback about things such as appropriate boundary setting and respect for one another. These classes are empowering and life changing for all individuals who participate.  Click HERE to complete an online application or select button below to Contact Us for more information!

EQUINE ENCOUNTERS $35 - $70 each

~ Scholarships Available ~

Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship
Due to COVID19 This program is temporarily suspended. We are hopefull to restart early next year. 

Participants with diverse physical, cognitive or emotional challenges are invited to join us to develop riding skills as well as relationships. Our classes consist of games, obstacle courses and other activities that empower students to achieve their individual goals and objectives. 

At the end of each session, participants will be awarded a showmanship ribbon. All ages are welcome!

RIDING LESSONS $60.00 each