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Community Engagement

At Courageous Connections, it is important to show appreciation for those that support us, but also, it is important for us to be an active member in our community. We like to work hard, but also make sure we have fun & continue building relationships!

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Appreciation Days

We host our families, staff, and volunteers to show how much we appreciate all of you for your commitment to our organization.

Summer Camps

Courageous Connections participates in Camp Sparkle. Camp Sparkle is a camp for kids that have been impacted by cancer. 

Work Parties

Helping our friends over at Alpine Ridge is important to us, as it is home to many of our equine partners!  As they say, 'many hands make for light work' and we've been grateful to see how much progress is made during these Courageous Connections sponsored work parties!

Clothing & Food Drives

At Courageous Connections, we love partnering with other organizations! We have hosted different drives in the past, including food & clothing drives. We believe it is important to support other organizations & work together to make a positive impact in our community.

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