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Courageous Connections kicks off major campaign to fund a brand-new program. We will take mini horses to local senior residential care facilities for visits. We have contacted multiple centers and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

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Mini Visits w/ Seniors

We are excited to announce our new program, Mini Visits with Seniors. Our goal is to lease 2 miniature horses to take out on visits to local senior residential care centers. We are partnering with Helping Our Miniature Equines Rescue to identify and train the minis, and are raising funds to help pay for their care as well as a vehicle to transport them to the centers. We feel that this project will greatly benefit our community. No donation is too small, and it is tax-deductible!

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Learning to see as 'others' (horse) see


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Other Ways to Give

Wish List

Our participants benefit when we can acquire items needed to support the riding programs

  • Helmets, Saddles, Blankets, Reins

  • Tack, Halters, Lead Ropes

  • Grooming Tools

  • Outdoor Games

  • Gloves - Child through adult sizes

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Several times during the year we plan to host events that will serve two purposes. 

  • First events will expand awareness of the programs offered allowing others to benefit from the services.

  • Second these events will be fundraising activities to help support and expand the mission of Courageous Connections 

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