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We have our new forever home and the need for support has never been higher. While the grant allowed the purchase of the farm and some of the major equipment, our expenses have changed dramatically. We are growing and impacting more lives than ever. Please consider a donation to help with monthly costs for the farm, feeding and caring for our herd and providing scholarships for underserved individuals' and communities.

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Ways to Support Courageous Connections

Your Donations Make These Experiences Possible

Why Courageous Connections? We focus on

  • Mental health and wellbeing as well as behavioral health.

  • Trauma informed Care.

  • A unique delivery of services combining horses and the outdoors ~ both have a long history of profound impacts on health and wellbeing.


Where Do your Dollars Go?

  • Our proposed 2024 budget has 84% of our expenses directly related to the programs. Your donations will support:

    • Caring for our herd

    • Providing scholarships

    • Ensuring our Equine Specialists and Mental Health Providers earn a living wage.


How You Can Help:

  • Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

  • Monthly Donations are fabulous on your budget and ours. Allows you to donate any amount you can. It allows us to better plan our income for monthly expenses.

  • Get involved by becoming a volunteer or sharing our posts on social media – help us grow & thrive

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