Horse Essentials

Horse Essentials is not a riding class, but instead a safe place for the participant to learn basic horsemanship skills. Previous experience with horses is not necessary or required. This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities. Horse Essentials will teach you a variety of horse management and care skills.  Courageous Connections has contracted with Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) to provide this class for individuals who qualify.  

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$35 - $70 per session (varies by session length)
Scholarships Available

Horse Essentials

This class offers a unique opportunity to develop a strong foundation of horsemanship skills. Participants can expect to receive a broad range of topics in horse care, horse handling, and horse management. This class was designed to support individuals who are interested in developing their knowledge in the art of horsemanship and goals oriented around this curriculum.

Below is a general guide of what a participant may learn however, topics may vary dependent on individual needs:

  • Horse Safety & Awareness

  • Basics of Catching, Haltering, & Leading

  • Routine Veterinary Care, Nutrition, & Hoof Care

  • Grooming & Clipping

  • Herd Behavior & Dynamics

  • Tack, Tools, & Equipment

This class is appropriate for all age, abilities, and skill levels. Horse Essentials is taught by a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. Participants can expect to gain horse knowledge but will also experience additional positive impacts such as promoting body and behavioral awareness, building relationships with others and horses, and connecting with nature.

Some individuals seek this experience simply to enjoy an outdoor activity with a horse partner.