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Mission, Vision, & Core Values

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote and enhance the physical and emotional growth of people of all ages and unique abilities through the use of therapeutic, outdoor experiences including interactions with horses and other domesticated animals.

Our Vision

Courageous Connections is committed to providing an inclusive community that promotes and values every individual.  We believe that organizations that are diverse in identity and perspective create an environment where everyone, from any background, can be their best self.  

Our vision is to expand capacity and programming to provide services to more members of our community.

Equine encounters session with participant, volunteer, and instructor. White horse.

Our Core Values

The foundation of Courageous Connections is based on 5 Core Values

We honor the unique talents, abilities and character of everyone

We respect each individual is differently "abled".

We recognize everyone is on their own personal journey.

We encourage our community members to strive to become all they can be.

We will tread lightly on the earth and at all times try to leave it better than we found it.

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