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Equine Workshops

These sessions involve a dynamic partnership between participants, horses, and an equine specialist.  Equine Encounters is not a riding class, but instead a safe place for the participant to experience personal growth and self-discovery. Equine Encounters provides a nontraditional and effective method to help participants to observe and develop effective relationship skills. The focus is on interacting with horses and learning to interpret feedback they provide to us. These workshops are empowering and life-changing for all individuals who participate. 

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Can't Rein Us In

Equine Workshop

Our workshops are designed for groups of people with similar life circumstances who are facing personal challenges.   Our participants work with horses to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and to learn how to move forward with determination and confidence. 

There are multiple benefits to be gained from partnering with horses in a group setting. Those who seek this experience can expect many of the following outcomes:


  • Recognize personal strengths and build upon them 

  • Build healthy relationships and personal boundaries  

  • Reconnect with nature and natural healing 

  • Develop self-regulation skills by using multiple relaxation techniques 


These workshops are facilitated by PATH certified instructors. Our workshops have proven effective for a variety of people including those recovering from domestic violence, individuals with PTSD, homeless youth, caregivers and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.


Courageous Connections is not structured to provide crisis interventions. If you are in crisis or considering suicide please contact 911 or the Suicide Hotline at 988 immediately.

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