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Our Herd

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Remi with Debbie 8-30-2023.jpg

Remi comes to us from Debbie Heurion of SpiritEd Adventures. 

Remi is a 19 year old mare who is half quarter horse and half Welsh pony, commonly known as a quarter pony. Her coloring is bay, and she stands at 14.1 hands, weighing in at 800 pounds. Remi was a rescue horse who was horribly neglected and mistreated when she was very young horse. It took lots of rehab to restore her physical as well as mental health. She experienced such trauma as a young horse which is likely why she is so intuitive and good at working with humans who have experienced trauma. Remi’s registered name is Unknown Remedy. When Debbie got her at age 5, she changed her common name to Remi to honor her registered name and the blessings she brings to others. 

 We couldn’t be happier with the newest addition to our herd and can’t wait to observe the kindness and healing she will bring to those in our programs.

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