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Our Herd

white horse with person silhouette


Willow with flowers 9-8-2023.JPEG

We are welcoming our first mini to the Courageous Connections herd. Willow is a 7 year old mini horse weighing in at approximately 250lbs pounds and stands 32 inches tall. Her coloring is chocolate palomino. She is such a sweet little mare. She comes to us from Kataluna Horse Rescue. After her owner passed away, she found her way to Kataluna and has been with them since 2020. Willow has done parades, and all kinds of activities in the community. She has been around lots of people, kids, and is so comfortable, plus adores the attention. She will excel at her new job helping humans and forming connections. We can’t thank Katie enough for trusting us with sweet Willow.

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