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  • Chloe Wilkins

How do horses help us?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Healthy Boundaries: Whether they are physical, emotional, or mental, Boundaries are formed to ensure we are meeting our own needs first. They help us identify our personal limits not only with ourselves, but others as well. Courageous Connections focuses on helping you explore where your Boundaries lie.

Personal Power: What is it that keeps you moving forward? It can be hard to name, but we all have the unique ability to dig deep when we are faced with challenges. Courageous Connections supports you in unleashing your Personal Power.

Strong Relationships: We are all a part of something greater than ourselves. Knowing what networks we inhabit and how we relate within them, can be hard to understand. We all crave to be connected in one way or another. Courageous Connections seeks to build long-lasting Relationships both with our horse and human partners.

Self Care: It can be difficult to halt our patterns or routines in life and remember the critical importance of caring for ourselves. Self Care goes beyond responding to our physical needs; it also means looking at what we need emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to keep ourselves healthy and thriving. Courageous Connections understands that the simple gift of being in our natural world and spending intentional time on ourselves, supports healing and growth.

Safety: There are fewer and fewer spaces in our world where we can feel safe enough to be our authentic selves. Stifling our true nature or feeling threatened for expressing our thoughts, opinions, and perspectives is exhausting and causes us to isolate and disconnect. Courageous Connections seeks to be a safe harbor for you to be open and vulnerable.

Self-Confidence & Esteem: Our perceptions of ourselves are powerful. Often, these perceptions both shape how we treat ourselves and how we let others treat us. When we begin to see our inherent strengths, we grow our self-compassion and self-worth. Courageous Connections explores the perceptions we have about ourselves and seeks to unlock greater Self-Confidence and increased Self-Esteem.

Credit to Author: Chloe Wilkins

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